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  • Enjoy a relaxing, exfoliating experince at a introduction?price for a limited time. Don’t Paniq?sugar scrub is a gentle cane based exfoliant immersed in natural oils which polishes, hydrates and protects. Grains of raw sugar gently remove dead skin cells while accelerating renewal and revealing radiance and an even skin tone.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in

Rose, Lavener, Pink, Lemongrass Lavener

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Don’t Panic started when my daughter was diagnosed with Panic & Anxiety disorder and I chose to use Natural & Holistic methods to ease her discomfort. Don’t Paniq Offers products based around Massage and Aromatherapy. Therapeutic massage and aromatherapy can be helpful in reducing anxiety, stress. While massage has been used to promote relaxation to alleviate both pain and anxiety. Many people feel hopeless and do not realize anxiety and depression are treatable without prescription medications. While 1:8 children with a diagnosed anxiety disorder and 1:6 children with diagnosed depression are not getting treatment, due to lack of knowledge, anxiety is actually a normal part of childhood. Caregivers need to be educated on signs to look for and when & how to seek treatment when it becomes more than just a phase. Don’t Paniq wants to offer awareness & knowledge to families about childhood panic & anxiety disorder

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